Our property is a historic homestead on the outskirts of Ptuj. Once a famous wineyard and playground for the wealthier inhabitants of the city – it has now become a hidden historical jewel with a green agenda. The villa and its adjacent structures have a rich history beginning in the year 1890 and the former wine press encloses an enormous wine press that is over 120 years old. Antique furniture and a museum-like interior can be found across the property, and each room has its own set of details that prove its vintage and history. We are focused on preserving this rich heritage while developing a sustainable farming lifestyle that brings solace to anyone that wishes to reconnect with nature.

My name is Timotej (Tim). I am the dedicated caretaker of Mesthi Hill and your guide through the relaxing hinterlands of Ptuj. I am the property receptionist, housekeeper, chef, maintenance man and anything else that might be required.

While Mestni vrh and the adjacent Placar are a natural agricultural oasis, you will be able to enjoy the close vicinity of Ptuj that offers a more energetic experience. We recommend taking a hiking trip or bike trip around the town hinterlands during the day and enjoying the hum of the old city center in the evening. For all of those in need of a deeper relaxation –  our property offers ample space for daydreaming and just enjoying the view.