Terms and conditions


Mestni Hill can be booked by e-mail. Customers will receive a written booking confirmation. Children aged 12 years or more, are treated as adults and will be charged full price. Guests are obliged to add children over 12 years of age as adults.


The booking is confirmed when the customer provides:

  • Details of a valid credit card,
  • 40% advance payment,
  • Full advance payment,

And receives a confirmation email.


In order to confirm the reservation via credit card, the customer should provide the following information: type and number of credit card, credit card holder’s name, expiration date, and CVC code. To ensure the protection of sensitive data, the customer can submit either by email or by phone.The credit card will not be charged prior to the guest’s arrival. The accommodation fee and surcharges are paid at the reception.


If the customer chooses to pay via advance payment, the reservation is confirmed when 40% of the total amount of the accommodation service fee is deposited. The remaining of the full amount (60% of accommodation fee plus surcharges) is paid no later than on the day of departure. The payment deadline for the advance payment is 3 days after the pro forma invoice is sent. When the customer deposits the required amount, an advance payment invoice will be provided as a proof of payment. If the advance is not paid on time, the reservation is canceled.


For a full advance payment (Accommodation and surcharges), the guest will be issued with pro forma invoice. The deadline for the deposit is 3 days after the invoice is sent. When the customer deposits the required amount, an advance payment invoice will be provided as a proof of payment. If the amount is not deposited on time, the reservation is canceled.


It is possible to cancel or modify your booking free of charge up to 19:00 at least 3 days before your date of arrival. If the cancellation is made after this time, or if the customer chooses not to arrive, we have a reserve a right to charge the first day of accommodation. If the customer cancels his booking within the cancellation deadline, and the booking was made with an advance payment, the deposited amount will not be refunded but can be used within 30 days of the deposit.


Our reception at Mestni Hill accepts cash, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard), and bank transfers as payments methods.


All prices listed are in euros and include VAT. Accommodation fee does not include tourist tax which is added separately (1,265€/adult/day and 0,633€/child/day). Mestni Hill reserves the right to change prices depending on season and occupancy.