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Getting to Ptuj is pretty straightforward. If you are coming by plane, train or car just make sure you are heading in the general direction of Ptuj. Trains and buses will usually have frequent connections to most larger Slovene cities. If you are travelling by bus or train make sure to visit our links down below.

If you are driving to Ptuj, follow the A1 highway in the direction Zagreb or Maribor/Graz – depending on the direction you are coming from. Exit the highway at the exit Ptuj Center or Ptuj Turnišče. When arriving at Ptuj, follow the main road through the city in the direction of Gornja Radgona. Take a left turn at the main bus station and follow the “Volkmerjeva” street straight to Mestni Vrh. After passing the large water cistern on the left side of the road you will arrive at a junction with a small bus stop sign. Take a right turn and you will be arriving straight to our property.

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