Welcome to Mestni Hill – The home of Mangalica

We are proud to present a variety of extensive farming products from our biodynamic farm nestled in the hinterlands of Ptuj, Slovenia. Dedication, care, and a stress-free environment are our guidelines for raising and bringing forth the best farm produce in the region.


Beautifully fresh eggs straight from the nest laid with care by our free range chickens.

Take a moment to explore our offer of free range poultry – from chickens to pygmy fowl and ducks. All natural and 100% gmo-free.


With land to spare and grass in abundance, we raise the endemic Slovene sheep breed called Jezersko-solčavska. A meaty, healthy and lean animal that spends its days grazing the hills and enjoying the breeze.


A specialty in its own right and a highly underrated source of protein – our rabbit are relaxed, well fed with only the best grains and grass. Experience the rustic and robust taste of our slow food rabbits.


Referred to as “the Kobe beef” or “Rolls Royce” of pork – Mangalica is the king of pigs. Once bred exclusively for royalty, this almost forgotten breed is now being rediscovered as a delicacy, health food and exclusive ingredient in high cuisine. Discover the full story of our Mangalica pork!

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