Villa Holiday Home


Accommodates: 7
Size: 150 sq m
Rooms: 1 Single, 2 double, deluxe double room

More Info

The villa has a 120-year history behind it and its nature-conscious construction is a feat of engineering. Made with natural materials, stone, mud and brick, this imposing hilltop villa creates its own internal climate that will keep you cool without the need of air conditioning or ventilation. The thick outer walls absorb heat and moisture in the summer and release it during the winter for a natural all year round climate controlled interior.

The villa has been renovated to create a hint of modernity in a historic house. The bathrooms and kitchen that are commonly shared amongst our guests have newer elements that encourage the modern lifestyle while the bedrooms remain largely untouched by the passage of time and bring forth a feeling of nostalgia and rediscovery of the past.


  • Towels
  • Hangers
  • WiFi
  •  Free parking

Shared areas

  •  Kitchen
  •  Dining room
  •  Bathroom with bath
  •  Salon/lounge room
  •  Terrace
  •  Toilet