About Us

We are a young company, leaning towards nature, the well-being of our guests, and spending quality holidays in the pleasant environment. Under a brand name PachaMama we are creating accommodation sites on several locations throughout Slovenia. In Piran, the pearl of the Slovenian coast, we offer rooms and apartments in various locations around the city centre.In Ptuj, the oldest Slovenian town, we manage a property which is designed for renting rooms in an ancient villa where we maintain contact with nature and unique type of agricultural living on an ecological farm Mestni Hill.

In Quechua, language spoken among the Inkas in South Amerika, »PachaMama« means Mother Earth. We try our best that this would be our guidance, as we have forgotten about the basic in the fast world that we live in. Therefore we try to obey rules of nature, respect her powers and beauties and put maximum efforts to recycle, usage of ecological materials, bio colours, and rational use of energy in general.

PachaMama Day

Every year on 22nd of April PachaMama Pleasant Stay celebrates the international Earth Day. We take this opportunity to start and step into the new pleasant season with friends, family and guests at our annual meet and greet event on the SecretGarden terrace.

Our goal is to inspire people, spread awareness or to be more responsible towards the Earth and to motivate in a way that also small actions matter. The first year we have planted a fig tree as a symbol of life and fertility. It is also our pleasure to present our modest contribution towards supporting the Earth. PachaMama BACKBAGS, made out of overused bed linen. We think that every material should be put to a functional use after exceeding its purpose.

We invite you to join us on this special day and let us all say together “Y un poquito para PachaMama”.